Made with Maki. 🍣

Maki is a family of open-source software developed by people just like you. Here are some example projects built by the community, which are all open source!

Sample Projects

A simple app that interacts with a remote RPC service (the Bitcoin daemon, in this case).
Simple collaborative discussion forums, built with Maki.
Writing made simple, publishing made easy.
Create better software, together. Collaborative software development.

Other Examples

Building something cool?

Go ahead and add it to the list! We'd love to highlight what you've built. Bonus points for being open source! 🍺

DECENTRALIZE is the podcast for the decentralization movement – the hackers, scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists building technologies free of central control.

Open-source replacement for MailChimp. Create mailing lists, use double opt-in, offer unsubscribes, and send generic mails without relying on a centralized server.

Para is the world's first persistent augmented reality network. Place virtual objects in the real world that others can interact with.

Hyper-personalized education, using machine learning to manage space-repetition reinforcement learning.

Open-source discussion board. is a collaborative online jukebox for listening to music with your friends.

eSports training made easy. Easy pairing of trainers and trainees, including team training options.

Open-source replacement for GitHub, written in NodeJS.

Automatically construct a single stream from many social media profiles.

View EVE Online ships in the browser.

Simple group fundraising. Set an objective, receive contributions (in Bitcoin), and retrive money only when funding is complete.

Coursefork is a new way of collaborating in education; it open-sources the process of compiling educational materials and teaching them.

Automatic tracking bot for collaborative music site, Deprecated by